Amazing Benefit from attending Thinkertots

Are you thinking about taking a class with your child, but you are unsure if there are be any real benefits? You are not alone! Lots of moms are unsure of the benefits of a Mommy and Me class. In reality, there are tons of benefits for both you and your child. Here is a list of the top 6 benefits of a Mommy and Me class for you and your child:

  1. Form a lasting bond– A Mommy and Me class is one of the best activities for you and your child to form a bond. You are going to help create a sense of security and form a positive image. Bonding is essential for your child to be able to grow and flourish in the years to come.
  1. Meet new friends– Taking a class together is a great way to make new friends. Often parents and children will find lasting friendships at Mommy and Me classes. The environment of sharing and caring make the experience last much longer then the duration of the class. Not only will your little one be able to find a new buddy, but you will be able to meet new moms and form new friend ships.
  1. Fight postpartum depression– Taking a Mommy and Me class will help eliminate the feelings of loneliness that many mothers experience. Since a lot of mothers who stay at home are going to have tremendous feelings of being alone. When you engage in one of the mommy and me classes you are going to have others around that you can take with and share personal experiences with.
  1. Prepares your child for school– Mommy and Me classes have been proven to help reduce anxiety when your child is preparing to enter the school setting. Your child will learn important social skills needed for when they attend school. They will learn structure and what it means to follow directions.
  1. Promotes a healthy lifestyle– Your children will see the importance of staying healthy and spending time with their children. Children tend to mimic what they see and by you being there with them you are showing them that health is important for the long-term benefits. Physical exercise will go a long way for years to come, so it is important to start as early as you possibly can to instill good habits in your children.
  1. Build confidence– When you take one of our Movin Smart programs Both of you will develop an increase in the amount of confidence that you feel. When you exercise and do something beneficial for your body you are going to feel better about yourself and have a more positive outlook on life. As you build confidence, your attitude will improve and you will feel more comfortable and relaxed in everything that you do. Your child will feel more confident about their own abilities as well and they will continue to want to learn and grow.



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