Getting ready for Pre K Drop Off classes for ages 3 – 5 years old

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Is your child ready for Pre K?

Our Program will put your child get one step ahead in getting them ready for Pre K. Your child will develop concepts of pre-reading, pre-writing, mathematics, science, social studies, literature, art, music and more. Pre-reading includes recognizing letters and simple sight words. We will concentrate on Reading Comprehension as well. In pre-writing they begin writing letters and work up to writing their names and simple words. Math concepts are introduced through manipulative. Their are so many techniques we have that your child will leave with a solid base of beginning to solve math problems.  In science, we introduce for example, weather, the 5 senses, planets, and other concepts. We will do Morning meetings which includes Days of the week and Months of the year. We will have technology time. Each child will get a chance to work on Tablets and/or  Computer to enhance their computer skills with proper educational program. Our Pre-K puts your child well on his/her way to developing a love of learning. Your child will be ahead with our Thinkertots ready for Pre K program.Getting ready for Pre K